Swap between 15+ cryptocurrencies at the best exchange rates. Non-custodial, No Sign-up, No KYC, Anonymous and Instant.

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Why it's Great

15+ cryptocurrencies supported
including BCH, ETH & BTC

Easily exchange between the most popular cryptocurrencies seamlessly with the best exchange rates

No KYC & No Sign up required

No KYC verification is required for swapping crypto. Maintain your privacy and anonymity while trading.


Don't worry about handing over your crypto to third parties when trading. All swaps are automatically processed.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Coinswap

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Do I need to create an account to use the coin swap feature on zapit.io?+

Can I use the coin swap feature on zapit.io to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency?+

How long does it take to complete a coin swap?+

Are there any fees for using the coin swap feature on zapit.io?+

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